Russians have encountere some type of fraud. In % of cases the respondents talke about telephone fraud. According to respondents the number of spam calls in March decrease compare to when % of respondents reporte annoying calls. The survey involve people age and over in regions of Russia. Another % of Russians receive messages or emails containing viruses or links to phishing sites in the last month % encountere fraudulent sellers on the Internet % receive messages about confirming or canceling card transactions that they did not make % of Russians face with financial pyramids. The changes taking place in society and the economy are reflecte in the behavior of fraudsters.

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They have to change old schemes and come up with new ones. Active counteraction to fraudsters is require both from law enforcement agencies and from business and the Russians themselves said Leysan Baimuratova director of the digital economy research area at the NAFI Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List analytical center. What methods are use by scammers According to Gazprombank statistics after the imposition of sanctions against Russia fraudsters began to use more often phishing sites that imitate online stores or marketing sites that collect personal data or details of plastic bank cards.

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Phishing mailing lists or sites offering to buy appliances luxury goods and other goods at old prices have appeare a representative of Alfa-Bank adds. In March scammers also became more active creating fake sites with offers to connect to the Faster Payments System preferential currency exchange amid the fall of the ruble and the introduction of commissions for the purchase of Mailing Data Pro  currency on the stock exchange as well as intermeiaries offering assistance in paying for foreign services with cards or installation of VPN services the representative of VTB notes. Since March all Visa and Mastercard cards of Russian banks have cease to work in foreign stores. Fraudsters calle customers with an offer to transfer money.

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