Depends upon future eventsincluding those that may be beyond our controland actual results may differ materially and adversely from those anticipat or impli by such statements. Any forward-looking statements includ in speak only as of the date hereof andexcept as requir by lawwe assume no obligation to update or otherwise revise any of such forward-looking  or circumstances. SPONSOR BY NUTANIX July 5 | 5 mins Publicprivate or hybrid: what kind of cloud does your company have? A few years ago you could probably only identify one type – today it’s not so easy anymore. In factexperts came to the conclusion that public clouds – AmazonGoogleMicrosoft and Co – would make private clouds and the on-premises data center obsolete.

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Analysts felt that the scale and viability of moving to a public cloud would render any other infrastructure obsolete and even useless. As it turns outthose prictions were a little far-fetchwith % of organizations adopting a multi-cloud strategyaccording to Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report . To make matters worseorganizations still have Bangladesh Business Email List mission-critical  in areas like engineeringcybersecurityand life sciences where largecomplex datasets and mathematical computations are the norm. With the exception of a few but a growing number companies whose operations have always been % cloud-basmost companies use software and applications.

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That cannot easily be mov to a cloud environment or replac with cloud-native alternatives. Cost is another reason organizations may choose not to migrate applications to the public cloud. While the public cloud offers flexibility and allows for rapid deploymentwhich can -premises Mailing Data Pro deployment is often more cost-effectiveespecially for stable and prictable workloads. In factnearly every organization operates with a mix of on-premisesprivate cloudand public cloud resourcesand 5% of organizations believe hybrid cloud is the ideal operating model. As workloads are distribut across private and public environmentsorganizations are looking for ways to streamline and simplify management and operationsoptimize resource utilization across cloudsand.

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