The two most common methods are analysis of special markers or document content. The latter option is more popular because it is resistant to changes made to the document and makes it easy to expand the number of sensitive documents that the system can handle. There are systems with active and passive control of user actions. Active systems can block transmitted information. They are much better at dealing with accidental data leaksbut they can accidentally affect business processes. Thereforedue to the risks of false positives or failuresmany organizations prefer to use DLP in monitoring mode. Gateway DLP systems run on intermediate servers while host systems use software agents on employee workstations.

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A common option is to use common gateway and host components. Currently the main players in the global DLP market are companies that are widely known for other information security products. Experts call the transition to a single integrated software systems Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List the main trend. Integrated systems eliminate compatibility issues between different components. Such systems also allow you to change settings on a large number of client workstations and simplify the exchange of data between components. Another important trend is the gradual transition to a modular product architecture. This means that the customer can independently choose the necessary components.

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INdustry specifics will also play a significant role in the development of DLP systems. For example you can expect the release of versions designed specifically for the banking industry government agenciesetc. How to choose a DLP system In what cases is it appropriate to apply certain solutions First of allthere is a direct dependence on the scale of the business. Solutions with basic functions that cover basic needs are better suited for small businessessays Alexey Kubarev. – Large businesses have different requirements for DLP performance and functionality. They are determined by large volumes of circulating information. One way or anotheryou first need to decide what to protect and from whom what damage is possible.

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