Simplest and fastest way through all stages of the sales funnel. For a large garden retailer, high-quality service does not end at the time of placing an order, on the contrary, for the 7 Seeds team, an equally important stage of interaction with customers begins: accurate packaging and prompt delivery of goods to anywhere in Russia. Since it is difficult for an enthusiastic gardener and gardener to make a choice and stop at only one type of plant or flower, it is important to show him relevant recommendations in time: new items, bestsellers, as well as products that meet his interests and preferences.

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Therefore, the online store “7 seeds” set the following tasks for us: Increase customer loyalty by personalizing product offers on the site; Improve the shopping experience by implementing a smart merchandising strategy on the pages of the online store; Increase key Thailand Mobile Number List business metrics: conversion, revenue and average check. How to ensure ROI of 15,000% through a personal approach on the site: case “7 seeds” “In our business, it is extremely important to provide the client with high service: help with the choice, quickly and accurately deliver the plant bulbs or soil.

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Therefore, we always rely on the level of service: from the moment the visitor appears on the site until the courier hands over our package to him. We want each of our clients to receive their best offer, be satisfied and come shopping again, so we turned to Retail Mailing Data Pro Rocket for help,” Roman Polishchuk, CEO of the 7 Seeds online store. Retail Rocket Solution There is no one-size-fits-all personalization strategy, as each business and specific online store has its own characteristics. In the case of garden retail, the level of service plays a special role, because plants and flowers die in improper storage and transportation conditions. The assortment in this case is updated very quickly.

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