The latter is especially important for the modern generation of 20- and 30-year-olds. Research shows that they are able to endure a lot if the company, at least in the declaration layer, adheres to the admire values ​​and is accompanie by the right atmosphere. Often, such tools are use by the best organizations in their industries, which are able to compensate employees for difficulties with the prestige that surrounds such an entry in a CV. Are you ready to become an even better employer? Bet on effective actions. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Application in the daily functioning of the company.

The model that applies

The sieve model is the opposite of the model that applies to many state-owne companies. There, competition can be high at the stage of looking for people to work. But the employee, after signing the contract, often has the feeling that phone number list he can calmly “rest on his laurels” – assuming that he is not threatene with dismissal. In the sieve model, this is not the case. Why? Because there is a continuous evaluation of suitability for the company and comparison of competencies with other people in a similar position. Such rules should be introduce not only for new employees.

phone number list

To many state owne companies

Which is relatively simple, but also for those who have been working longer. On the one hand, appropriate results give employees a real chance for promotion and higher earnings. On the other hand, continuous evaluation of results does Mailing Data Pro not give you rest and requires constant readiness to prove your competence. Sieve model – advantages and disadvantages The sieve model has many advantages that can be easily distinguishe. First of all, the company gains the best of the best people. Objective evaluation prevents nepotism, and transparent rules give everyone a chance. The control of work results and the employment process itself are transparent and can even be automate. All this contributes to greater efficiency in the company. In addition to the advantages, the sieve model also has disadvantages.

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