OF the conference Information Security organize by CNews Conferences spoke about this . How to justify cybersecurity costs Many consider the Moscow Exchange a financial organization but in fact we are an IT company. We sell IT services and our main competence is IT infrastructure telecommunications and software development Sergey Izmailov Head of Anti-fraud at the Moscow Exchange began his speech. Practically all the software use for bidding is written by our employees. He note that by and large the requirements for compliance with information security measures hinder business and lead to additional costs. However everyone understands that they cannot be ignore.

Security systems: these are personnel problems

Sergey Izmailov propose steps that will allow the information security service to establish mutual understanding with the business. Business should see a partner in the information security department and begin to perceive it as an integral part of it. This should be List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu expresse in the growth of the importance of the information security function in terms of the corporate structure its participation in decision-making processes. To achieve this it is necessary to abandon the practice of selling fear – to build transparent reporting of the information security function to analyze the most revealing cases together with the business.

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Restrictions on the use of foreign software and the

The second step is to implement methodologies to quantify cyber risk and the cost of mitigation measures and show the business the numbers they understand. The third step is to carefully study the regulations work with regulators in order to find atypical Mailing Data Pro but effective ways to meet business nees. It is very important to learn to think in terms of TCO and optimize the cost of information security. And the last thing is to explain complex things the logic of decision making in a simple understandable language for business. Control tools The level of cyber threats is constantly growing. At the same time companies face a number of restrictions in the field of building information.

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