Alexey Simonov, Marketing and e-commerce director at KotoPhoto. How to increase the loyalty of subscribers in the email channel by 1.5 times: the case of the KotoPhoto online hypermarket “For KotoPhoto, we have built a complex network of communications with customers, taking into account their interests and behavior on the site. In addition, we developed a reactivation campaign to “revive” those customers who have not made purchases in the store for a long time. With the help of a smart mathematical algorithm of our platform, we managed to achieve a significant increase in the activity and loyalty of customers, as well as the growth of business indicators” — Alexander Khe, Retail Rocket Manager.

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Retail Rocket platform updates for November-December 2020 12 Feb 2021 Intro product digest On the eve of 2021, we continued to update and optimize the Retail Rocket platform: we worked on usability and personal account functionality to make it more convenient for our clients B Singapore Mobile Number List to build campaigns and analyze their results, paid attention to the mobile version for those who want to develop their business wherever they are, prepared tips for their clients, etc. All the details in our new digest. Content: Updated the subscribers export page Added the ability.

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To customize the display of subscriber fields in the personal account Changed the display of customer transitions between segments in the Customer Intelligence module Improved RFM segmentation Updated the ability to configure the Recency filter Added Mailing Data Pro  the ability to segment by purchases made more than a year ago in the Recency filter Optimized the mobile version of the platform Changed the header of the personal account Fixed the top menu when scrolling Made it easier to view performance reports Updated instructions and tips Added tooltip for disabled button in A/B test Added a documentation page with a list of system.

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