The existing infrastructure

OR other difficulties and private end devices have to be us. Security is only one aspect the positive user experience the other. With company-own devices for example how can you ensure that employees can continue to print out documents if necessary. How does the company IT know Which printer does the employee have at home and how. Can it be integrat Is this compatible at all Are drivers available A way out can already be proven and establish scenarios for smooth end-user computing (EUC) – eg in the form of virtual desktops (VDI). Nutanix already has extensive experience here from its history.

Available solution can be us

One possibility is to enable access to company resources bas on Nutanix HCI together with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View. Nutanix is ​​currently working with many system integrators and customers to do just that. At the same time another quickly: Nutanix Xi Frame Thailand Business Email List represents an additional infrastructure that is link to . The only requirements for the end user are a current browser (HTML5-capable) and Internet access. A Xi Frame account can be equat with a VDI installation – only that the infrastructure does not have to be in the company. true Fig. 1: View of the Xi Frame from the end user’s point of view.

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The software and the cloud infrastructure

Xi Frame can be book via public cloud infrastructures from Microsoft Amazon Web Services. OR Google with billing on an hourly basis. Nutanix can provide both . Alternatively an existing company account with a cloud provider can also be us. Common identity providers Mailing Data Pro are support for user authentication – from Microsoft Active Directory to Okta to a simple Google account. For companies Xi Frame can be manag completely centrally. The requir workstations can be provid as requir. For this purpose only the requir sessions and if necessary defin reserve capacities.

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