The effectiveness study was conducted using the mechanics of A/B testing. All visitors to theĀ  website were randomly divided into two segments . The first segment was shown personalized product recommendations from the category. Zaria Case Over revenue growth driven by personal referrals . The second segment was the control group to which the recommendations were not shown. results As a result of testing the following results were obtained Segment Conversion Growth Change in average ticket Estimated increase in revenue Personal recommendations from the category.

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Control group According to the test results the best result on the category page of the online store was shown by the Personal recommendations of products from the category mechanic. The increase in conversions was . which combined with an increase in the amount Canada Mobile Number List of the average check by . provides a projected revenue growth of . Card Product Case . Testing recommendations in the product card A product card is not only a great way to tell the buyer about the features and benefits of the product in order to encourage him to add the selected item to the cart. It is also an opportunity to additionally show related products to the buyer which will increase the amount of the sale.

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IF the user has already found what he needs . And also to keep the visitor in the online store with the help of alternatives if the product being viewed does not quite suit him. In the product card on theĀ  website several algorithms and variations in the location of product recommendation blocks were tested to determine which one has the highest conversion and brings in Mailing Data Pro the most revenue. The study was conducted using the mechanics of A / B testing in two stages. First all visitors to the website were randomly divided into three segments each of which saw its own version of the product card. Similar products were shown to the first segment. Zaria Case Over revenue growth driven by personal referrals . The second segment was shown two blocks related products above and similar products below the block with related products.

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