War face players varies from to thousand rubles. In cases where the owner fails to sell the accountthe attackers go to the shadow markets or forums dedicated to the game and sell them there. On third-party sitesyou can also purchase pumped accounts with a large arsenalhigh leveletc. Their cost reaches several thousand rublesMuzalevsky said. Alexander Dvoryanskydirector of special projects at Angara Securityestimated the amount of purchase of stolen accounts on forums in the region of – thousand rubles. According to himin other gamesprices for high-level accounts can even reach several thousand dollars. Earlier examples of such frauds have already been recordedhe said.

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Vadim Solovyovhead of the Information Security Threat Analysis GroupPositive Technologiessaid that stolen accounts are often sold on forums dedicated to a particular game. According to himthere the attackers play the role of a frustrated or tired gamer who wants to somehow recoup Spain Phone Numbers List the funds invested in pumping the character and abandon the game. The prices for accounts that are sold by the owners themselves usually take into account the cost of pumpingthe level of the charactersthe value of the virtual items on the accountand other factors. When selling stolen accountsthe discount can reach up to of the objective value of the account.

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This may look like a great offer for those who want to get everything and just for a pennybut there is a downsidesaid the expert. Producer Warface Stepan Gorokhov noted that the development team often helps victims with the restoration of access to accounts stolen Mailing Data Pro from them. The main thing for the victimhe addedis to immediately contact the developers for support. At the same timeI would also like to note that players often neglect the rules of information securitythereforewhat seems at first glance to be an account theft does not always turn out to be after verification. We regularly inform users about phishing threats and urge them to strengthen account securityGorokhov added. Not just phishing Information security specialists.

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