Can be used not only for cold calling but also for fraudulent purposessuch as phishing attacks with the intent to obtain financial information and other dataattempts to impersonate another person and issue various payments loans. The risks for companies as a result of leaks are varieddepending on the nature of the organization’s activities and the type of compromised data. This is reputational damageespecially in areas that are actively working with individuals such as retailmedicinefinanc remanufacturing government organi zationsandas a resultan outflow of customers- says Alexey Kubarev.

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This is the loss of competitive advantage in the market as a result of the leakage of trade secrets – in high-tech areassciencepharmaceuticalsand so on. Finallydirect financial damage is Netherlands Phone Numbers List fines for leakage of personal data of citizens which may soon become negotiable. Citizens themselves whose personal data has been leakedmay later become victims of fraudsters. With the successful application of social engineering – up to the withdrawal of money from the accounts. Compromises are subject to personal data bases of citizens medical information trade secrets – financial tender documentation.

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OF companies secrets of unique developments marketing strategy information about the company’s IT infrastructureetc.Aleksey Kubarev believes. The risks of data leakage usually include financial reputational lossesas well as the loss of competitive advantages says Kirill Solodovnikovan. The main types of data that are subject to leaks are client databases mail Mailing Data Pro correspondence confidential documents about products and business development directions. According to Search Inform researching of private Russian companies faced information leaksin – . At the same time do not know how much the number of internal leaks has changedand do not track external incidents. For this reasona decrease in the number of leaks should not be expected. If the leak concerns a technological process attackers can use this data to paralyze the production processsays Alexei Drozdhead of the SearchInform information security department. – It is also possible to lose technological advantage. This can happen in case of leaks of drawingsrecipesroutingsmarket research and similar documents  Finally reputational risk.

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