The classic here is the angry complaint “I can’t work like this”. As a result for example strict tunneling which is secure but requires high bandwidths will be switch to split tunneling. This ruces the data volume at the central VPN endpoint in the company. At thel of security drops significantly since data packets can bypass the company’s central security mechanisms and get directly to the end device. Attacks can neither be block nor detect. When using a company PC as a VPN endpoint in the home office a terminal device classifi as trustworthy is integrat into the company network.

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IN doing so however the IT department relinquishes some control over the device compar to the previous situation. Because this is no longer in a “secure network” the company network but in an environment that is difficult to impossible to assess in terms South Korea Business Email List of security. Solutions for securing client PCs (endpoint protection) can intercept many things here.  each individual end device. Given the large number of endpoints and the associat multiplier this is quickly becoming a serious attack vector on corporate IT infrastructure. “My home is my castle” – the saying certainly does not apply to the home office.

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A large part of the problem arises from the fact that it is completely unclear whether the employee’s home network is appropriately secur. In addition to the computer us for work there are usually all kinds of end devices that can only be describ as “untrustworthy”.  security gaps that Mailing Data Pro have long been exploit printers Blu-Ray players or Smart TVs with outdat firmware dubious security measures and security settings. In this context WLAN routers with outdat firmware or WLAN radio cells that have poor encryption or in the worst case no encryption at all are particularly critical.

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