According to a report prepared for the Radio Advertising Bureau by the Prohaska consultancy , traditional radio is in danger of disappearing from marketers’ plans and budgets. Given this situation, his recommendation is to bet on programmatic advertising in online audio programs. As all traditional media go digital and programmatic advertising develops, all brands have the opportunity to create highly contextual advertising, inserted in the most suitable programs to reach niche audiences. In this way, it is possible to optimize the cost of each impression to the maximum. It seems, therefore.

Programmatic advertising and sponsorships

But the difference is that the competitiveness SMS Gateway Denmark in online audio is still much less. In the world of SEM, big brands compete by bidding for the most appetizing keywords and can leave out small and medium advertisers, while podcasts are still “virgin ground” where affordable opportunities can be found. Programmatic advertising and sponsorships in online audio In the world of programmatic advertising there are more and more possibilities to place ads in online audio programs and podcasts . Programmatic audio, like programmatic display, allows retargeting campaigns, behavioral advertising and content consumption, similar audiences and even personalized audiences.

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What to consider when advertising on podcasts

Since arriving with the wrong message. At the Mailing Data Pro wrong time can negatively affect the campaign. Another very interesting opportunity in this field is the creation of “native” sponsorships, in which musical groups are directly involved in the creation of personalized content in the form of music. A paradigmatic example of this model is the Music Audience Exchange company. What to consider when advertising on podcasts If you target a niche audience . Highly segmented on a demographic and psychographic level, you just need to find the right podcast for you. With a good alignment between your buyer persona and the audience of the program, you can manage to make an advertisement where most of the impressions reach your ideal clients. To reach these audiences through programmatic buying.

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