But, what is this about the fikas?, you may be wondering. The basic idea is none other than the typical “coffee break” during working hours, which many of us are familiar with. But the fikas have several characteristics that make them unique and differentiate them from those 5 minutes that you take to run for a machine cut. Swedish companies do not see coffee breaks as “stolen” minutes from the working day, but as an integral part of it. Many companies have several breaks a day, and the management itself encourages employees to finish their urgent tasks on time to be able to take these breaks. Employees and managers share these breaks in an informal setting .

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In general, Swedish companies have a close and Bulk SMS Poland low-hierarchical work culture, which favors this type of exchange. As for the conversation, mundane topics alternate with more specific problems of the company; depending on the day, in the fika you can comment on the football match of the previous day or the next marketing meeting. In short, the importance of having quality breaks on a regular basis, where the coffee is good, is served in a cup instead of a plastic glass, and is enjoyed with the necessary time, is recognized and valued. Why fikas help not to get overwhelmed at work For the distrustful employer, breaks are nothing more than an excuse to get out of work.

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The secret of Swedish companies

But the bosses of happy companies know that breaks Mailing Data Pro are essential to have satisfied, motivated and productive employees. No matter how hard we work and how motivated we are, it is simply impossible to maintain maximum concentration and peak performance hour after hour and day after day.

Fika is a symptom of a work culture that favors results over presenteeism. On the other hand, these breaks favor familiarity and the formation of ties with the work team. Creating a more favorable environment and, once again. Having a positive impact on the results. In summary, the Swedes perfectly master one of the most important maxims of happiness in the company: people are not machines, and emotions do not stay at the door when we start our day.

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