Asset Beisekeyeva, Head of e-commerce department INTERTOP. How to help a client with a choice and get 18.5% additional revenue using online recommendations on the website: INTERTOP case “Over the time of cooperation with INTERTOP, the positive dynamics of the use of recommendations has become more and more pronounced. It is easier for people to find the right products, they form stylish looks and place orders faster, enjoying online shopping. Thus, customer loyalty and their desire to buy again and again is growing,” Dmitry Melyankov, manager of Retail Rocket.

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How a brand can get 422% ROMI through native promotion on a retail platform: Danone and SberMarket case 20 Aug 2021 01 blog It is always important for brands to have access to an audience interested in their products. And one way to get it is through placement on retail platforms, which helps brands make their products stand Cambodia Mobile Number List  out on virtual shelves. As a rule, banners or “highlighting” the necessary products in categories are used for these purposes. This solution has pitfalls: products are shown to the entire audience of the site, and not just to those who are interested in them, and in most cases, you can find out about the effectiveness of.

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The campaign only after it is completed, it is impossible to make decisions based on real-time data. How can native placement and precise targeting help brands promote their products to only the right Mailing Data Pro  audience? How to combine the interests of the site, brand and end customer? We talk about the process and results in the case of Danone and SberMarket. About Danone brand Danone is one of the world leaders in the production of dairy products. Production in Russia has been operating for more than 20 years, including one of the largest plants of the company in the world.

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