Alternative and related products We help you make a choice when searching for a product When a customer enters an online store and enters the name of the product in the search bar, he already knows exactly what he came to the site for and what he intends to purchase. But, perhaps, his attention will also be attracted by products that interested people who were looking for the same thing on the site as he was. For example, those looking for “rose” were also interested in tomatoes, cucumbers, and dill. Search Recommendations Recommend products when your search returns no results Even when the search did not return any results, and the buyer did not find the desired item in the assortment of the store, he can make a relevant offer.

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On this page, we showcase widgets with personal product recommendations based on interests shown: for example, if a customer was looking for a certain variety of tomatoes, but they were not found in the catalog, other types of tomatoes will be offered to him. Empty Tunisia Mobile Number List search Making offers in the shopping cart The cart page is the final step in the sales funnel, so it’s great for introducing product recommendation blocks. However, you need to consider its content. If the client sent goods to it, you can offer him to complete the order by showing related products.

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Cart Page We help you make a choice, even if the basket is empty And if the cart is empty, and the buyer has not yet made a choice, he needs to be helped by showing a selection of bestsellers – products that many other customers of the online store have Mailing Data Pro already chosen. Empty cart We recommend products even on the error page Many companies underestimate the 404 error page and don’t even consider that it can be used effectively to recommend products to customers. Instead of an empty content field and numbers 404, the client of the 7 Seeds online store sees here blocks of popular products – those catalog items that other site visitors most often buy.

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