The position of head of marketing is not for the weak. It is a position subject to great pressure to demonstrate results and with high turnover: the average boss lasts 3.5 years in his position, compared to 7.2 for the CEO. But he must not only know how to deal with high pressure and show results, but also defend the existence of his own position . According to a Forrester study, 30% of marketing director positions will disappear this year. Meanwhile, the trend in big brands, like Coca-Cola, is to replace the CMO with the Chief Growth Officer , a true “superhero” who combines the typical skills of the head of marketing with new ones to develop a comprehensive job. The answer is clear: renew or disappear. What will the marketing manager of the future be like.

What will the marketing

In continuous training . The ideas, tools and Bulk SMS Czech Republic strategies of the past no longer work. To live up to his role and deliver results, the marketing manager must constantly update his knowledge and encourage the rest of his team to do the same. With analytical capacity . We live in the era of big data. Marketers have all the necessary information to achieve optimal results, but it is essential to know how to process and analyze it correctly. That’s why the marketing manager of the future has a scientific mind, capable of formulating hypotheses and testing them. Journalistically minded . Traditional marketing no longer sells. Millennials and centennials no longer want to hear commercial proposals, but fabulous stories that add value to them.

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 manager of the future

To create these stories, the marketing department Mailing Data Pro must function like a media outlet and be able to create content that really engages its target audience. Able to find solutions in real time and execute them . With digital campaigns, information flows in the moment and marketers must be prepared to respond. If it’s Friday and a campaign isn’t going well, the decision on what to do can’t wait until Monday: stop, continue, send the budget to another channel? With nerves of steel and cold blood, the marketing manager must be able to give an answer instantly. It won’t be a boss… it will be a leader . The command and command has passed away.

Now bosses must be people who lead, who guide, who inspire, who accompany their team and bring out the best in each person, who motivate their employees and work side by side with them. The new generations that enter the world of work want to work with people, so to retain them the boss needs to humanize himself or become a leader, or better yet, one of the team, because the horizontal hierarchy is the order of the day. Only then will he be able to create a happy team… and this will be reflected in the results. Don’t die by the wayside as head of marketing. Don’t stay stuck in the past and become a new leader of the digital marketing era.

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