The list of products that are not in the feed is generated on a separate page and the account manager can immediately send it to the client. How data sharing affects the quality of recommendations In addition it is important not to remove a product from the feed when it goes out of stock. Items out of stock can be linked to contextual advertising links from search and other resources. A user who has landed on the page of an out-of-stock product has an already formed demand i. he is ready to buy and he can be recommended the most similar alternatives.

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Therefore it is important not only not to remove an out-of-stock product from the feed but also to pass as many parameters as possible so that recommendation algorithms can generate the issuance of alternative products. Accounting for the parameters of regions For online Phone Number List stores with offices in several cities it is important to transfer data for each of the regions. Products may have different prices and availability in different regions so it’s important to take this data into account and share it in the feed. In addition it may be important forĀ  cities discounts are more important for customers while in others bonus points are more important.

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You can optimize your marketing campaigns using the regional setting. Passing product properties Another important data parameter that needs to Mailing Data Pro be transmitted for high-quality recommendation generation is product properties such as color size brand etc. There are two points worth noting here. First for some industries taking into account certain properties of goods is critical to the formation of the right recommendations. For example for a shoe store this parameter will be the size because the recommendation of a very similar pair but size instead of r. To address this issue in October we improved.

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