e Had previously worked in international structures went. At the same time many former employees of foreign companies that left the country have been released and are now looking for work. The shortage of personnel has indeed been felt for almost twenty years and at the same time attitudes towards them have changed a lot recently. According to M. Pyatova IF BEFORE THE IT PROFESSIONALS WERE PRACTICALLY DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION NOW THEY BECAME THE ELITE ON WHICH THE DIGITAL LIFE OF ANY COMPANY IS BUILT A series of new benefits for the IT industry and specialists from the Russian government is also becoming anchors that delay personnel in the country experts noted.

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But the industry treats this flow with distrust and even apprehension notes M. Pyatova. Indeed the status of IT specialists has grown significantly many of them can receive a Algeria Mobile Number List ┬ásalary comparable to the salary of the organization’s CEO Daria Neverova founder and CEO of Security confirmed. TIME TO CHOOSE So there has always been a certain outflow of qualified personnel from Russia in MarchApril of this year it noticeably increased. According to Olga Kochergina head of the IT practice at the Marksman recruiting company people who have worked remotely for foreign organizations for the past two years have left first of all.


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Olga Kocher Gina Marksman : Since the end of February they have lost the opportunity to receive a salary in foreign currency and are faced with a dilemma: stay in the country and look for something new rebuild their usual coordinate system or follow the Mailing Data Pro employer. O. Tkacheva is sure that there will be no problems with the adaptation of former employees of international companies in domestic organizations. Many state structures that have IT companies in their ecosystem do not try to impose their corporate culture on it she noted. According to D. Neverova NOW THE MOST RELIABLE EMPLOYERS FOR PROGRAMMERS ARE STATE CORPORATIONS.

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