Ensuring the security of their developments and also gives hackers clear goals. In addition the organizers have a clear and correct process for finding and issuing rewards. After all the detected bugs cannot always be assessed unambiguously and the platform acts as a referee in resolving disputes. At the same time the company venturing explosives receives information about its security problems. Of course this helps to cope with major bugs but hackers can simply ignore and ignore various little things not so important for getting a prize. In this case there is no need to talk about the completeness of detection. There is another important point here Alexey Antonov clarified. If the organization launching the BB program is large and wellknown many participants will go to it.

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After all the amount of prizes is also impressive and prestige plays a big role. And if the organization is small and cannot allocate large sums for the winners even the most popular platform will not be able to guarantee interest in it. And independent organization of the process and promotion Lebanon Mobile Number List can turn into large expenses. And of course economic efficiency may be in question. Therefore now Russian organizations are preparing to present their analogues BBsites but they still have to develop a reputation for more than one year. Alexander Borisov recalls.

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The additional advantages of BB head of security analysis at Innostage Group of Companies: Bug bounty is a very good and popular practice for identifying vulnerabilities. Today many of the largest corporations are adopting this tool. For companies the use of bug hunter Mailing Data Pro programs can be interesting for many reasons. First it is economically beneficial to hire and maintain a large information security team. Secondly you can find expertise that is difficult to get on your staff. No matter how great the IS team is in any case there will be competencies on.

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