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The corresponding study was carried out by experts from RostelecomSolar Kommersant reports. Participants in the Russian market of cybersecurity solutions are confident that the problem is largely on the side of customers because many of them do not have enough computing power to seamlessly switch to domestic cybersecurity solutions. In addition the use of many Russian protective equipment requires foreign equipment. At the same time information security solution providers are convinced that prices can be adjusted downwards but only after all logistical difficulties have been resolved. In accordance with the results of a survey conducted by RostelecomSolar of Russian private and public organizations observe an increase in the cost of domestic information security solutions by more than.

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OF respondents reported delays in deliveries; about significant delays; that suppliers refuse to guarantee the delivery of information security solutions at all. About of Russian companies intend to switch to the use of domestic information security solutions within a year. These are Kenya Mobile Number List tiviruses VPN gateways web application protection systems and so on. Approximately half of Russian private companies have a share of domestic information security solutions of about %. In state structures this share is much higher about % the RostelecomSolar study says. According to Ekaterina Stukalova head of the Solar Integration business development department now the supply of information security.

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Solutions is carried out in the form of software and hardware platforms or software which still requires appropriate capacities for example servers or data storage systems that are on the Russian market are now in short supply. is individual and highly dependent on Mailing Data Pro the competitive environment. We did not notice any obvious abuses in the field of information security software development related to unreasonable price increases. On the contrary many vendors including Makves have launched a migration program that provides for discounts when migrating from foreign solutions.

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