The shaft, gear and spool in the bc are directly and linearly. However, connected to the paddler, generating effective cranking power.

So when you cycle, the rotational energy on the handle will be transferred “directly” to the gear, and then to the spool.

That’s why baitcasters are stronger.

4. Control & throw accuracy
Why is baitcaster the choice of many casters?

The reason is that we get full control of all aspects.

By Analogy, a Baitcaster Can Be Considered Whatsapp Mobile Number List Like. A Manual Car While a Spinning Reel is Like an Auto Car.

During Casting, the Thumb Plays the Role of Controlling. However, The Spool Velocity Allowing. Us to Slow Down or Stop the Lure and Drop It Wherever We Want.

Baitcaster is equipped with a brake system that greatly helps the lure control process.

With the correct brake setting, the use of light lures is not a problem.

In Fact It Will Also Help the Lure. However, Hit the Water Softly and More Quietly.

In Fact, for Experienced Anglers. They Are Able to Make a Long Throw With a Baitcaster.

5. Customization / Tuning

Among the Advantages of a Baitcaster. However, That is a Favorite of Anglers. Is That It Can Be Modified According to Our Taste.

Modification has two purposes, namely:

Improve reel performance
Improve appearance
There are many parts on the baitcaster that we can customize from the smallest bearing, handle to various types of spools.

Try stopping by Hedgehog Studio’s website you’ll be amazed at the variety of accessories

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Baitcaster shimano calcutta conquest 101

Choosing the best baitcaster does take.  time Mailing Data Pro and requires patience.

A good BC should offer smooth However, performance and have good stiffness and durability.

Below are some factors that should be However, considered in choosing a suitable and perfect BC:

1. Determine Your Game Category Type
Not all baitcasters are created to the same specifications.

Basically, no BC is capable of meeting all types of fishing methods or methods.

Each BC is created according to a specific task.

Generally the BC category is divided into.

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