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Capacity enforcement True Progress indicator over the recovery process/ETA “Estimat Time for Achievement” Alsothe Storage Resiliency widget has been improv to provide more insight into the current cluster resiliency status. The fault tolerance level FT or FT and the current fault domain rackblock or node are now display. The widget now also indicates whether changes have been made to the configur state of both values. There is also a details page that provides information about the fault robustness for each of the underlying components.

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Most notable is probably the newly add progress bar over the recovery process. It allows administrators to track the time remaining until full resiliency is restor in the cluster. The recovery time calculation uses distribut algorithms that consider a large number of factors — including recoverability Australia B2B Leads the number and spe of individual drivesthe number of nodes involv in the recovery processand even the current I/O load on the cluster. true Multi-cluster resiliency dashboard Nutanix customers manage their global HCI environment with the Prism Central ™ management consolewhich provides a single pane of glass for managing disparate geographically distribut HCI clusters.

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The Prism Central Multi-Cluster Resiliency widget combines the functionality of the storage overview and resiliency widgets into one multi-cluster dashboard. This simplifies the monitoring of capacity utilization and resilience of all clusters from a single place. And act on utilization and resiliency metrics for their distribut HCI deployments. The metrics view has Mailing Data Pro been aesthetically resign to make the information easier to understand and more meaningful.  Recovery BCDR AHV Metro Availability BCDR offerings have been a core feature in AOS from the start. In AOS . we are evolving these with the introduction of AHV® Metro Availability. AHV Metro Availability is intend for applications that leverage the AHV hypervisor and require zero RPO and near-zero RTO for outage avoidance and automatic recovery during disaster recovery events.

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