Security system bas on Russian software and / or a transition strategy. The spe of migration directly depends on the complexity of the project and the possibilities of delivering hardware capacities all this is work out individually. We have already gain experience with the most popular Russian solutions. For example at the end of last year we implement a project to create an encrypt communication network distribut throughout Russia bas on equipment from one of the best Russian manufacturers in almost a month and a half – this is a record time for a project of this complexity. Taking into account possible problems with hardware now our company also offers options for implementing protection functions bas on our.

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MSS services – in this option the requir installation base and the amount of equipment are much lower. We offer services to protect workstations and servers from complex threats protection from oS attacks and protection of external web resources in general. The benefits of Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List subscription model services are the rapid implementation and inclusion of security features as well as the ability to reallocate costs for information security. All our MSS services are bas on Russian solutions.Rosaviatsia goes on paper These departments could suffer from hackers According to unofficial data on March  Rosaviatsiya was subject to a hacker attack as a result of which data could be lost. The department was even forc to switch to paper mail. According to experts the attack could have taken place according.

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The man in the mile scheme in which the attackers hack into one of the partners and communicate with the victim on his behalf. In recent years Rosaviatsia’s contractor Mailing Data Pro for the operation of IT infrastructure has been InfAvia LLC. The fact that on March  a powerful hacker attack was carri out on the IT infrastructure of the Feral Air Transport Agency was report by the Aviatorshchina Telegram channel citing a source in the department. As a result according to him approximately  TB of data was destroy: all document flow files on servers were eras the Gosuslug system was del.

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