O Evgeni Groove a leading analyst at the Digital Risk Protection division at Group-IB told Gazetau about this . At the same time according to him attackers always use relevant topics in their schemes. The main topic this coming weekend the specialist notes will be travel. And relat procedures such as buying tickets and renting an apartment. Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security expresse a similar opinion in a conversation with Gazetau. According to him the fact that the May holidays will have. Another peak in the activity of  Internet  scammers is guarantee. We should expect the appearance of phishing sites for renting real estate or travel packages for the current holidays it is possible to sell non-existent tickets for cultural and entertainment events or trips to children’s camps he said.

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Special attention according to him should be paid attention to when Organizing trave. Within the country since attackers are aware of the current difficulties  of cross-border  Travel and will definitely take advantage of this. Links to phishing resources can be distribute through Mailing Data Pro email social networks or I instant messengers Dvoryansky warn. In turn Alexander Vurasko head of the digital threat analysis department at Infosecurity a Softline. Company not that attackers are especially aggressive not so much during the holidays as on their eve since people often plan shopping and trips just before the weekend. year of adversity At the same time experts not that.

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What makes special is the fact that large foreign services for short-term rental housing left Russia. Wurasko of Infosecurity a Softline Company is confident that attackers will certainly take advantage of this situation. We should expect an increase in the number Mailing Data Pro of fake housing rental resources especially since AirBnB and Bookingom have suspend work on the Russian market the expert said. Experts believe that another factor that will influence the exploitation of the travel theme in is the abolition of quarantine measures which previously kept Russians from traveling for two years in a row.

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