OF countering such attacks on a special portal as well as consult with Kaspersky Lab specialists on emerging issues. The solution is available as a single package or component by component. Alexey Drozd Head of Information Security Department at Search Inform recalle what a modern SIEM should be like: log almost any system conduct surveys using WMI connect to a DBMS work through scripts. However SIEMs are imperfect: if there is no logging then control is impossible the level of logging is always worse than the level of control of applications services or drivers system. performance depends on many factors proactive response is possible only through scripts interaction with AD or API there is a weak link with the level of Endpoints.

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Alexey Drozdsaid that his company trie to solve some of the problems by adding an agent from DCAP. However it turns out that not all DCAPs are the same and many of them have critical problems. Some track file activity base on system logging rather than file streams. Others List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers monitor user activity base on AD logs or local logs. A number of systems regulate access rights through NFS\DFS attributes. Many systems do not have a direct connection with Endpoints at all therefore they do not see the activity of processes. The expert told what in his opinion should be the ideal DCAP.

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Sharing SIEMsand DCAP will allow you to detect hidden connections bypassing network security tools atypical file activity of users and processes script execution and other incidents that are not reflecte in classical logging. Andrey Terekhov consulting engineer for Mailing Data Pro Fortinet believes that the most dangerous today are critical application vulnerabilities – through them malicious code is delivere and the infrastructure is penetrate. Over the past year ransomware activity has increase times. The cost of business downtime due to their fault is – times the cost of the buyout so companies tend to pay it. Thus cybercrime becomes a profitable business.

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