The race for skill workers is becoming more difficult The search for qualifi IT employees is already difficult for many companies. Finding people with the skills to manage private and public cloud infrastructure is even harder. A clear majority of respondents % said their  to build the skills ne to handle a hybrid cloud environment. For more than half 5%the development of this know-how is even the main concern. Frictional losses due to knowlge silos Almost all respondents 5%according to the surveyrely on multiple teams with different skill sets to manage public and private cloud infrastructure.

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This creates silos. These silos can negatively impact bottom line. Almost half of those survey cit expertise spread across employees in multiple departments %an increase in costs 5% and a waste of resources % as their top headaches right now. In the current environmentwhere many concerns Slovakia Business Email List become even more relevant. What’s next? It’s clear that organizations face challenges in managing both private and public cloud environments. Nothing will change about that anytime soon. According to Gartner by % of organizations will have built a multicloud or hybrid cloud model for their IT nest.

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The increas ne for flexibility caus by COVID- will . What can companies do? Ultimatelyorganizations want the flexibility to use the right tools – and clouds – for them. More and more of them are realizing that a unifi hybrid cloud environment can eliminate silos and Mailing Data Pro operational inefficiencies—provid it is consistent for usersand provides tools and operational methods across both private and multiple public clouds. Thisin turncan accelerate enterprise digitization initiatives by giving them the ability to bring legacy applications to the public cloud without having to laboriously customize.

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