ACase as a rule we are talking about complex solutions. and not individual modules focuse on a limite number of tasks. Ruslan Lozhkin told how information security should be organize under the new conditions. Today it is necessary to protect not the perimeter but the content the expert is sure. He urge to fight the attackers using their own techniques and tactics. How to protect infrastructure Alexander Sevostyanov Head of Information Security Department Pipe Metallurgical Company is sure that the main risks and threats to information security today lie in the field of penetration through remote open sessions. You should also be wary of personal data leaks from the DBMS of multiple departmental GIS integrate with ESIA biometric personal data leaks from creit and commercial organizations.

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He stresse the danger of growing popularity of a threat model that focuses primarily on an insider. The main and most likely attack vectors are: exploitation of the Logj zero-day vulnerability in the corporate segment of organizations as a starting point for a targete attack on the IT Shandong Mobile Phone Number List infrastructure; cyber attacks on GIS of ministries and departments integrate with ESIA. Andrey Minaev Infrastructure and Information Security Manager Logshell is a vulnerability in the Logj library and cannot be detecte using the software inventory system.

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It is usually not possible to simply install an update for the Logj library. All applications that use the affecte library must be detecte and update. To do this perform a manual search for the logj library perform an automate search for the logj library using Mailing Data Pro vulnerability management software then request information from the manufacturer Finding vulnerable software and installing patches can take anywhere from a few days to several months. Therefore additional protective measures must be taken.How bank fraud schemes have change due to sanctions In March.

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