Having access to the team’s calendars promotes trust and transparency. But is also a huge help when it comes to managing the day-to-day running of the company. We have a common vacation calendar with the days that each person is away or works remotely. To notify the rest of the team. Since we have unlimited vacations, we don’t count the days that each person takes, but what we take into account are the objectives. Of course, an important value of the team is responsibility. It is trusted that each one will manage their vacations responsibly, without harming the rest of the team.

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Diary of a Millennial – Book David Tomás Use SMS Gateway Finland centralized management tools Centralizing all the information is another of the keys to business transparency and good management, especially if there are remote workers or with flexible hours. If we are not careful, it is possible that the information we need to work ends up in half a dozen different places: email, WhatsApp, Hangouts, we decided to unify everything with the Slack tool, which allows us to create communication channels by topics, projects or areas of work.

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It even has an artificial intelligence bot! It’s not Mailing Data Pro that Slack paid us to advertise it, heh, heh, but it’s important to note. That professional tools like this help a lot today’s companies that work. Remotely and need to share information and make it easily accessible to everyone. All the team. At first it took a while for the whole group to get into the habit of opening the application every day, but now it’s routine and an indispensable tool for everyone. 3# Be honest with the numbers Company accounts are one of those pieces of information that are usually kept under lock and key.

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