Technology will stay with us whether we like it or not. But what can we do to avoid this overload?

The first step is to carry out the actions one by one. Finish one thing and then move on to something else.

As  Paul Atchley  of  the University of Kansas points out  once your focus begins to wane ( after about 18 minutes ), you can do something else. However, take a moment to take notes on exactly what you finished the first task.

Then devote yourself fully to the next task for as long as possible.

The second step is knowing when you need to close the door. In the case of an office, you can barricade yourself from co-workers by physically closing the door.

You also need to learn how to do it with electronic counterparts. These days, being able to take a break from your cell phone, emails and social media is much more important.

Learn to close the door to anything that distracts you.

If you want to be truly productive and creative, set boundaries so others know you’re busy and working on something important.

The third, very important point is to admit to yourself that  not all information is equally important and useful 

Think about what information is worth stopping your work. When you’re digging through web browsers and looking for information, consider whether you’re wasting your time just confirming information you already know. Or perhaps you are looking for information that will challenge your beliefs.

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