A white hat hacker for finding a vulnerability in HyperV a hardware virtualization system for x systems. Apple once offered to pay $ million to report vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to carry out a network attack without user interaction allowing code to be executed at the kernel level. Secondly hackers are also people and honor all sorts of codes. But after February is it still possible to talk about a code of ethical researchers on a global scale? Alexey Antonov states: Yes the issues of ethics within the framework of the VV have always been quite acute. A company that openly invites hackers to find its problems can always face a situation where they discover a critical.

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Vulnerability and then simply sell it to the outside. There can be no guarantees here. As for the current situation of course the risks have grown even more. Today it has less to do Lithuania Mobile Number List with money and more with ethics. Resources in the Russian Federation can now be attacked it is even encouraged. The usual scale of ethics no longer applies hereussian companies began to fire Ukrainian IT specialists Russian companies began to fire Ukrainian IT specialists. Especially closely is now monitoring the data that has access to businesscritical data This primarily applies to employees with.

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Access to critical infrastructure and data. The largest players say that they are against discrimination and lawyers say that the Labor Code does not provide for such dismissals The fact that Russian companies began to dismiss or transfer to lower Mailing Data Pro positions of IT specialists of Ukrainian origin RBC was told by two participants in the IT market and confirmed Ivan Begtin head of ANO Information Culture. He suggested that such an unspoken requirement comes from government customers with whom the companies work. About which companies in question the interlocutors.

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