FMany others  In addition to User Gate NGFW the portfolio.  Also includes other security products within the User Gate SUMMA ecosystem . which allows for comprehensive protection. Of particular interest is the possibility of integrating. With each other not only the products of one company but also. various solutions from different vendors. Thus a new generation firewall from User Gate can send files for analysis to the sandbox . From Kaspersky and Kaspersky Symphony can send indicators of compromise back to User Gate to block dangerous connections. Flexibility of settings and a wide variety of integrations allow you to achieve the maximum level of protection. The transition to Russian software becomes logical. Of course this process cannot be painless but it is important that we are talking not just about reinstalling.

Characteristics of major import substitution

Replacing one product with another but about new opportunities in the development of the IT infrastructure. Today the Russian Software Register contains almost programs including cybersecurity products. Since the further work of the IT infrastructure depends on 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers the choice you should be sensitive to it. Of course the new interface takes some getting used to but since many Russian solutions are not inferior to foreign ones or even surpass. Them in the end the process will justify itself. Import substitution in large projects of system integrators. Trends solutions comments of representatives of domestic IT companies.

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Projects have there been any changes in these

The share of import-substituting solutions and projects in the portfolio of domestic system integrators continues to grow. which is facilitated by both the sanctions  regime and state support measures for the Russian IT industry. What requirements do customers Mailing Data Pro impose on large import-substituting projects and how to avoid the risks associated with their implementation. Experts from INLINE Technologies NGR Softlab RDTEH T ICL Services Softline Angara Security Interprocom and LANIT-Integration (LANIT group of companies) are talking about this at the ICT-Online.

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