At the same time, though, this content needs to make your audience take some form of action.

When putting your content calendar together, make sure that you are using a combination of both evergreen content and articles that can potentially be. This reduces your future workload.

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Since you have likely developed a decent list of contacts at this point, email marketing should be used to your advantage.

Efficient email marketing can help you nurture the leads you have thus far and build a certain level of trust with your audience.

What Are the 7 Cs of Marketing

Reaching out to your customers can be done through trade shows, local community events, conferences, and more.

The ultimate goal of this type of marketing is to get your brand name out there and build trust with your audience.

Don’t focus on an extensive sales buying phone numbers pitch, as face-to-face marketing is more about building customer relationships.

Ensure Cohesion Across All Marketing Channels

Regardless of what marketing channels you decide to use, it is absolutely imperative that you maintain cohesion across them all.

You are now very familiar with your target audience as well as customer touchpoints.

This information should

Phone Number List

Monitor Your Results and Track Conversions

To finish up your 360-degree marketing plan, you need to monitor the results and track the number of conversions and where they came from.

With some channels, you can check Mailing Data Pro your metrics as often as every day, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments quickly.

By assessing this data regularly, you will know whether your research into your target audience was right.

Keep in mind that you must remain flexible, as the needs of your audience may change as a result of the latest trends, lifestyle, etc.

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