Vice versa Moreover, for some pages, the recommendation algorithms on different devices may be the same, for others they may be radically different. You can make a choice only after conducting tests in each case. Let’s look at the recommendations that the Eldorado online store uses on the pages of its website? “Rebuilding” the showcase for each client Unlike offline, in online stores, each visitor can get his own, personalized version of the main page, tailored to his personal preferences. This takes into account many characteristics of the product: color, size, brand, price and others. Artificial intelligence, on the basis of which the modules of the Retail Rocket platform work, determines when and which product offers to demonstrate to a particular client.

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It could be a newbie looking into an online store for the first time. Nothing is known about him yet (about his interests and preferences), but it is quite possible that he will be attracted by bestsellers – positions that are bought by many other Eldorado customers. The store meets Honduras Mobile Number List regular customers differently: they receive personalized recommendations based on all the data available about them: preferences and behavior on all devices used for online shopping. Recommendation algorithms differ in different versions of the site . In the desktop version, personal product selections are shown to the client, taking into account his interests.

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The mobile version offers personal bestsellers Рproducts that are often chosen by other buyers, but taking into account the interests, preferences, purchase history and other information about the client. Recommendations on the home page We give recommendations in the Mailing Data Pro  product card By going to the card and showing interest in a certain position of the catalog, the client demonstrates his preferences. On their basis, he can be offered related products and alternative (similar) catalog items. But in the desktop and mobile versions of the Eldorado online store, these blocks are located differently.

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