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How to conduct this process in accordance with the principles of the sieve model? The first stage of employee selection is the analysis of CVs and other submitte documents (such as portfolios or references), which will allow you to get acquainte with the candidates’ qualifications. Unfortunately, this process can be very time-consuming – especially when there are a large number of applications for a position. Modern technologies are very helpful in the selection of applications – the eRecruiter system, which, after setting the appropriate questions in the form, filters and searches for selecte candidates.

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Such action significantly reuces the list of potential candidates for the position and makes it easier to find the best qualifie person – the one who perfectly fits the profile of the ideal employee of the company. In order to get to know the candidates database better and to check whether they fully meet the requirements of the company and the specific position, you should invite them for interviews. Recruitment meetings should be conducte at the highest level, with full professionalism. Another method of employee selection are tests knowlege or aptitude tests, task tests.


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Which allow you to check the professional skills of employees. When recruiting for senior positions, it is worth considering the use of Assessment Center tools and techniques (assessment centre/integrate assessment). It is an excellent way Mailing Data Pro to test candidates in terms of their knowlege and qualifications by simulating the key dimensions of the job position. The Assessment Center gives a reliable, detaile forecast of the candidate’s future performance. The selection of appropriate employee selection methods depends on the selecte selection type. In the sieve model, the play-off selection, which is carrie out at every stage of recruitment, works perfectly. Individual stages end with the rejection of some candidates.

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