We are feelings, and we have human beings. We don’t leave our emotions at the office door, they come with us to work every day . And in the same way, when we walk out the office door at the end of the workday, we take the feelings of the day with us. Recognizing employees makes them feel valued, that they see that their efforts count. Those good vibes spread throughout the office, creating a more pleasant work environment. And in turn, the workers take them home and continue to perpetuate the positive feelings there. We all win! And we don’t just win in good vibes: it is estimated that happy employees are 12% more productive on average .

Because gratitude leads to gratitude

In other words, not only people win, but also Bulk SMS Ireland companies. Which, after all, are still a group of people. 2) Because employees who are well help build a better company We have already seen it in the previous point: happiness is contagious . Group happiness comes directly from the happiness of individuals . Therefore, the recognition of workers ends up resulting in more harmony, more well-being and better teamwork. The end result of this “circle of happiness” is a company where employees enjoy collaborating across peers and departments. Team dynamics are not an obligation, but a way to get to know each other better and catch up on how everyone is doing. And so, each person can give the best of themselves to achieve excellent results. 3) Because valued employees stay with the company From a more pragmatic point of view.

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Because employee recognition builds trust

Employee recognition translates directly Mailing Data Pro into benefits for the company. And it is that a recognized and happy employee is a loyal employee . One of the biggest problems for many companies is excessive staff turnover: workers simply leave as soon as they find something better, as they have no particular loyalty to their company. This ends up resulting in a waste of time and money. Of time, because a new employee takes months to be fully integrated into the company, learn the processes and perform at their best. And money, because the training of new employees is an investment for the company. With employees it happens a bit like with clients: it is much more profitable to keep the ones you already have than to get new ones. And one of the best ways to retain talent is to recognize people . If they feel that their efforts count, they will feel at ease and have a much less desire to leave.

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