years ago gave impetus to Interprocom to unite developers. OF various practices in one application software development department. Centralization made it possible to allocate resources more efficiently use a flexible agile approach and implement larger software development projects create strategically promising software products. Business solutions ICT-Onlineu: What advice would you give. To companies that do not dare to take on a major IT project? How to prevent risks before the start of the project what options for pre-project analysis exist. Head of the infrastructure department at LANIT-Integration (LANIT group of companies) Ildar Zakiyev: To reduce risks companies.  Should contact experts who work with similar projects.

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Thanks to their accumulated experience they can find problematic business areas select individual solutions draw up a detailed.  Plan for the import substitution process and train users and employees. I can say with confidence that such a set of measures. Will help reduce Changsha Mobile Phone Number List the overall negative effect and increase the efficiency of the enterprise in the future. Egor Volkov (INLINE Technologies): If I understand correctly we are talking about customers who interacted directly with foreign manufacturers but do not dare to work with Russian ones on their own. First of all I would warn them against the temptation to introduce domestic developments.

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Themselves and advise them to turn to those who have already taken some steps towards import substitution. Otherwise problems are inevitable and the risks are great. Foreign vendors we know have colossal resources involved in the sale implementation and support of their products: numerous presale and service departments. A large number of managers Mailing Data Pro unlimited access to R&D. They are aimed at providing the customer with solutions out of the box on a turnkey basis with minimal customization settings. Naturally with the exception of extremely complex systems. And in fact for many years everything went to such a simplification which also implies. A reduction in the participation of the system integrator in the project.

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