For over years It all adds up to an improv user experience and higher productivity. Nutanix scales & performs easily “Think bigbut start small” is one of our company principles. This is exactly what we offer our customers. TypicallyEUC projects start with a pilot in which only a part of the users to be virtualiz is mapp. If this pilot is successfulmore users will be allow on the environment. This usually leads to problems in traditional infrastructuressince subsequent scaling is often not so easy. New bottlenecks are often creatsuch as storage controller capacityCPUs RAMIOPSstorage capacity or bandwidth.

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Another possibility is to build an environment from the start that should correspond to the final stage of development. Unfortunatelyin this case you have unus resources in the data center for a long time. With Nutanix you have the option of starting  to your nes. Should the Cuba Business Email List customer decide after a few years to replace the oldest nodes in a clusterthis problems. Nutanix supports mixing different server generations and CPUs within a cluster. So-call “Forklift Upgrades” do not exist with us. “I can’t emphasize how much time we us to spend dealing with infrastructure and storage issues unrelat to our core.

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Competencies of end user computingapplication delivery and security. Nutanix allows us to have the applications up and running much more timely and with more prictable results. And Nutanix enables us to achieve our goal of providing users with a better Mailing Data Pro experience than  one.” – Jim SteinlagePresident & CEO of Choice Solutionsa Citrix partner since and a Platinum partner since . Nutanix improves performance Data Locality : Nutanix Data Locality provides consistent and prictable performance. Each node has its own local storage resourceswhich are pool with the storage resources of other hosts. On the one handthis offers local storage performance and fast data.

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