The email subject line is the first thing your recipient sees, and it’s often the deciding factor on whether or not they open your email. So if you want to improve your email open rates, you need to write great subject lines. Here are 10 email subject line hacks that will blow your mind: Keep it short and sweet. Your subject line should be no more than 50 characters long, and ideally, it should be even shorter. This is because most email clients will only show the first 50 or so characters of your subject line in the inbox preview. Use power words. Power words are words that evoke strong emotions, such as curiosity, excitement, or urgency. Using power words in your subject line can help to increase your open rates. Be specific. Don’t just say “Sale!” or “New Products.” Tell your recipient what’s on sale or what the new products are.

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Personalize your subject lines. When you personalize your subject lines, you’re more likely to get your recipient’s attention. You can personalize your subject lines by using the recipient’s name, their location, or their interests. Use numbers. Numbers are attention-grabbing, so using them in your subject line can help to increase your open rates. For example, you Remove Background Image could write “50% off” or “10 new recipes.” Use a question. Asking a question in your subject line can help to pique your recipient’s curiosity and make them more likely to open your email. For example, you could write “What’s your favorite color?” or “Do you want to win a free gift?” Create a sense of urgency. Using words like “now,” “limited time,” or “act now” can create a sense of urgency in your subject line, which can help to increase your open rates. Use emojis. Emojis can be a great way to add personality and interest to your subject lines.

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As too many emojis can be overwhelming. Test your subject lines. The best way to know what subject lines work best for your audience is to test them. You can use a variety of tools to test your subject lines, such as Mailchimp Mailing Data Pro or Constant Contact. Use A/B testing. A/B testing is a great way to compare two different subject lines to see which one performs better. You can use A/B testing to test different variations of the same subject line, or you can test different subject lines altogether. Following these 10 email subject line hacks can help you to write subject lines that are more likely to get opened. So what are you waiting for? Start using these hacks today and see how they can improve your email open rates! Here are some additional tips for writing great email subject lines: Use active voice instead of passive voice. Avoid using all caps or exclamation points. Use clear and concise language.

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