Crafting an Effective Go-to-Market Strategy for Sustainable Growth

The best way to get the ball rolling when choosing the right keywords for your local business is to start broad. 

You’ll be finetuning many of your choices later to make them more location-specific, but begin by zeroing in on keywords related to your industry or business niche.

Consider what words or phrases customers looking for a business like yours might type into a search query. 

Industry-specific keywords can be anything, including product names, service types, and highly specific industry terms (as with B2B solutions).

Add some keyword modifiers to the mix

Many consumers searching for nearby businesses and locally offered products or services will refine their searches by adding modifiers to their queries. 

Modifiers are terms that further

Naturally, one of the most important factors to consider when doing thorough local keyword research is the “local” part of the equation. 

Modern consumers are big convenience lovers, so most want business solutions located as close to them as possible, especially if they’re looking for options on the fly.

Think about the different ways your potential customers might word a search query for a nearby business like yours. 

Depending on what they’re looking for, they’ll almost certainly add a specific neighborhood, city, district, county, state, or even country to their search term.

You’ll also want to create landing pages for each of your locale-based keywords and fully optimize them for those key phrases. 

Include your local keywords

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Collectively, these are powerful signals that tell Google your business is the business to beat when it comes to the search terms you chose.

 Mix and match to find the best options

Highly specialized key phrase options like local keywords often won’t yield the massively high search volumes that broader key terms will. 

But they do serve up your website and business to local leads who are highly likely to walk through your doors in person and convert. 

And the more specific the key phrase, the better the fit for the consumer in question.

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