If you’re running a small business, none of these things should be your focus. The digital marketing strategies that deserve your attention are the unsexy ones. In this post, we’ll cover seven of those strategies and how to make them work for you based on experience rather than just theory. Blogging isn’t writing what you did today. That’s a diary. If you take that approach to blogging, and you don’t already have an existing and loyal audience that hangs on your every word, then your business blog is going to be a ghost town. How do you fix this? Write about the problems your target customers are actually searching for. Say that you sell computer parts online.

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Customers are searching for things like: But here’s the best part: You can help people solve these problems while integrating products from your store in the company data content itself. For example, a slow computer may come down to the RAM, or hard drive, or CPU. So help readers diagnose their problem and offer product solutions in the process. Same goes for “how to build a computer.” Explain how to do it and recommend the specific components they need. This concept works in almost every industry. If you’re a realtor, then instead of blogging about the latest industry award that nobody cares about, write about real-world problems potential customers are searching for like.

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Find what your audience is searching for? The first option is to guess. The second and better option is to use a tool like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer and search for some Mailing Data Pro relevant seed keywords. Digital Marketing For a realtor, these might be things like “buy a house,” “real estate,” etc. From here, head to the “Questions” report to see the most popular questions people are asking. Now, I’m no expert, but I’m guessing that it’s easier to pull off this look when you use the right makeup and brushes. So if you were a retailer of makeup and makeup accessories or even just an affiliate, then you could easily create a video about this topic and recommend a few products in the process. This is what popular vloggers like Danielle Mansutti do.

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