Everyone is fundamental

Everyone is fundamental. The relationship with the sponsors. The natural sense of participation that we feel in these situations also emerges in our lives as users and leads the channels to grow during these events . To date, a very important question remains open how could the management of children in online content produc for monetization be regulat? We can hypothesize a regulation similar to the one that manages the work of minors in the cinema but, given that the work of baby influencers does not take place on film sets or television studios, who would control it.

The AND EMILI case

Who can measure whether a child’s exposure online is excessive or age photo editing servies appropriate. Are there children who already work too many hours online? Are some parents violating their children’s privacy to earn money online? All questions that we should try to answer sooner or later. AND EMILI deals with strategic development and consultancy on digital channels. When it comes to humans, context is everything. The quote is from Erika Hall. We can build complex and detail theories on graphs, numbers, analytics , but there is a fundamental point the numbers of quantitative analyzes will tell us that something is happening,

Technical analysis of the birth of a brand

Not why it is happening. Qualitative analysis tools , such as Mailing Data Pro interviews and user tests, allow us to understand why. Which will have multiple aspects human beings are only minimally rational, and their decisions are condition by environmental, cultural, social factors… in a word the context. Thanks for making it this far. I close with a small disclaimer the two stories have been simplifi a bit for brevity and to get the message across. If you want to learn more, follow the links in the article. AND EMILI deals with strategic development and consultancy on digital channels.

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