How to create a webinar from scratch in 14 key steps

In this article How to you will see how to make a webinar from scratch step. Therefore, by step. I will explain how to create a webinar in 14 easy steps with examples that will help you increase your brand visibility on the Internet and attract more traffic to your business. A few weeks ago I published an article explaining what a webinar is and what it is for. This is how a webinar works, a basic but necessary introduction before. Therefore, launching into creating webinars. Webinars or webinars are a great way to increase your influence online and create an audience loyal to your brand . 

The key points that I recommend you make to do a webinar are How to

1- Set a goal : What do you want to achieve? What will industry email list be its purpose? It is the first thing. Therefore, you must be clear about, for each action there must be an objective behind it, therefore, having a clear objective is essential. 2- Do a study : Identify your target audience and potential clients on the topic you are going to discuss, study what their objections are, their pain points, how you can help them… 3- Use a professional tool: one that offers you a registration. Therefore, URL for the event. Some of the best webinar software providers are: Zoom : has free to premium plans ranging from 100 to 10,000 attendees.

Prepare a strategic recruitment and promotion campaign

for your webinar to have the desired Mailing Data Pro attendance, users must know and know that you are going to offer it. For example, you can create a. Therefore, campaign and advertise on social networks to an audience that has reached you with an article that has to do with your webinar, do email marketing, etc. You could use tools like AWeber or MailChimp to register attendees. Look at the best email marketing tools to. Therefore, capture registrations. 8- Announce the date of the webinar: you should tell people when and where the event will be held. 

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