Although we believe that free time is “less important” than time dedicated to work, the truth is that it is made up of activities that have a deep meaning for us, such as dedicating ourselves to hobbies that perform us, to interact with other people or to our family. Enjoying free time has multiple benefits, such as reducing anxiety and stress or even reducing the risk of dementia. There are different ways to spend our leisure time, but psychologists distinguish three that can help us make better use of its benefits: Palliative time : activities like going for a walk or running, which help us to disconnect and see things from another point of view. Time to lift your spirits : activities that put us in a better mood and make us smile.

Time to have company

Activities with other people (friends, family…). Whatever SMS Gateway Japan the modality chosen, the important thing to have better ideas is that it is a form of active leisure and not just sitting and watching television . It is also necessary that we know how to enjoy leisure without guilt. Free time in business culture Although it seems that leisure is by definition the opposite of work, there are many ways to integrate free time into the company culture. The first thing we have to understand is that dedicating all our time to work and doing excessive hours without interruption does not increase productivity, quite the opposite. A culture based on presenteeism ends up diminishing the creativity of employees and even of the management leadership.

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Free time in business culture

For this reason, I believe that companies should Mailing Data Pro bet on coherent and flexible schedules allowing employees to organize themselves in their own way to reconcile personal and work life. If the team can enjoy some time off in their private lives, they will return to the office with better ideas and batteries charged to perform at their best. In addition to ensuring that employees do not work too many hours and therefore have leisure time, it is also possible to incorporate recreational activities within the company itself. For example, going out to eat in a group, going on a weekend retreat or even riding in a balloon or to the amusement park.

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