The ideas that work best are those that solve a problem or satisfy a need of the company’s target audience . Therefore, after knowing who you are addressing, you have to identify what they really need. At this point it is necessary to do an in-depth investigation of your audience. A very useful starting point can be to locate online communities and social networks made up of people . From your target audience and analyze their conversations. If possible, you can also complement this work with personal interviews to analyze specific cases in greater depth. This research will help you better focus your idea and will also provide you with quotes and data that you can incorporate into your elevator pitch.

Identify the problem

Develop your solution We have reached the Bulk SMS South Africa central part of the elevator pitch: your value proposition . You already have a solution that fits the needs of your target audience, now you have to be able to convey it in a way that makes its value clear to both investors and potential customers. The challenge here is to succinctly express what you bring to the table and what sets you apart from other similar solutions. It is important that you focus on the benefits for your potential customers and not on the technical characteristics of the product. 4) Write your message You already have at your disposal all the information you need to prepare your elevator pitch.

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 Develop your solution

Now you have to condense it into a speech of less than a Mailing Data Pro minute that summarizes all the important points and that piques the interest of your audience . In the examples section of this article we give you some predefined formulas that you can use to get inspired. To get you started, here are some ideas about the different elements your message should contain: Break the ice. The first sentence is essential to capture attention, so you can start with a shocking number or a question addressed to your interlocutor. Introduce yourself briefly explaining who you are and what your company does. Describe the problem you are going to solve with your products or services and why it is important. Explain what your solution contributes. Make reference to the economic viability and potential benefits of your company. Close with a call to action that invites the listener to contact you for more information. Once you’re happy with your elevator pitch, remember: practice makes perfect! Practice it out loud to make sure it’s no longer than 60 seconds and that you’re conveying what you really want to communicate.

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