Today, digital transformation allows remote work and flexible hours, two aspects that should undoubtedly contribute to improving happiness in companies. But despite this, according to Gallup’s annual job happiness survey, only 15% of people are happy at work. It’s heartbreaking! And this despite the fact that, according to the same study, the benefits of happy companies are more than evident: 51% less staff turnover. 44% higher workforce retention and digital talent. 31% more productivity. 37% more sales. And it makes all the sense in the world to think that when employees are satisfied, they work harder and are less likely to be seduced by other offers. When we work to achieve a happy company , we all win. 5 principles of happy companies.

Share the good times

Empower employees Many companies, especially in SMS Gateway Estonia our country. Fall into a paternalistic model in which employees are required to be present at the office during very rigid hours. Instead of making them responsible for their own work, restrictive rules are imposed on them. Instead, my proposal is to agree on a series of objectives with the employees and let them take responsibility for achieving them in the way they prefer . This includes offering facilities for remote work, flexible hours to better reconcile and, as we do at, letting the employees decide their vacations. We also actively involve our workers in the selection process for new hires.

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Recognize the effort

For this reason, it is very important to include Mailing Data Pro leisure activities and team building often, whether it is a relaxing time in the cafeteria or a weekend excursion to the countryside. 3# Allow failures Perfectionism and fear of failure are enemies of happiness and progress.  Therefore, I firmly believe that we must bet on a work culture based on experimentation, learning and trust . It is logical that if we try new things, not all of them will turn out well the first time, but what is certain is that we can always learn something along the way.

Each company should have its own values ​​that explain why they do what they do, beyond producing benefits. In this way, both managers and employees know that they have a good reason to get up every Monday and put all their effort into doing a good job. 5# Recognize the effort Nothing demotivates more than feeling that what we do well goes unnoticed by others. Instead of promoting competitiveness and envy, I propose that every day we stop to value the work and effort of others , both from the boss and from colleagues. It is a very simple gesture, but very powerful to make people feel valued and fulfilled in their work.

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