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Add an item to the shopping cart on their smartphone in the mobile version, and then go to the full version of the site and continue browsing other items in the catalog. Our smart system will process all the data and take into account the behavior of the same buyer on different devices and in different versions of the store. The use of the mobile version of the site by clients opens up new opportunities for filling the client’s 360 profile. Using the Data Warehouse module, this data is updated in real time and collected in a single profile, and then used to segment the buying audience. The more we know about the client, the higher the chances of making him the most relevant offer.

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For each device, we develop a separate online merchandising strategy, because the behavior of the client and his expectations on different versions are different. Not to mention the fact that the audience itself may differ: some buyers can use only a computer or laptop to select a Portugal Mobile Number List product, while others use only a smartphone. Therefore, what works well on desktop may not work well on mobile, and vice versa. Moreover, for some pages, the recommendation algorithms on different devices may be the same, for others they may be radically different. You can make a choice only after conducting tests in each case.

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Let s look at the recommendations that the Eldorado online store uses on the pages of its website? “Rebuilding” the showcase for each client Unlike offline, in Mailing Data Pro online stores, each visitor can get his own, personalized version of the main page, tailored to his personal preferences. This takes into account many characteristics of the product: color, size, brand, price and others. Artificial intelligence, on the basis of which the modules of the Retail Rocket platform work. Determines when and which product offers to demonstrate to a particular client. It could be a newbie looking into.

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