You’ll also need to understand the fundamentals of choosing initial keywords to get started with. 

Put yourself into your customer’s shoes. How might they word a search for information or possible product options? What questions and concerns might that customer have that you could answer for them?

Use what you come up with to brainstorm unique long-tail keywords. This will help refine your results and help you stand out from the rest of the competition. 

What advantages does your company have over your competitors? What does your product, service, or brand do that the others don’t?

Once you’ve got a well-rounded list of keywords to work from, it’s time to start finetuning your website so that Google will see it as a good fit for searches on those terms. 

Build standalone pages that address fundamental concerns a visitor might have about your brand, products, or services.


What is a 301 Redirect

Today’s web users and consumers have high expectations for the sites where they spend their time, especially if they’re thinking about making a purchase. 

For instance, they aren’t willing to wait around forever for a slow site to load or spend a lot of time hunting for the information they need.

So make sure your site is fast, functional, and call lists loads quickly. It should be easy to navigate, as well, as you ideally want your visitors to stick around after reading your landing page and check out more of your content.

Mobile-friendliness is important, as well. In 2021, as many as 90 percent of global web users habitually accessed the internet via a mobile device. 

These numbers will only continue to rise as mobile use increasingly becomes the norm.

Google is in the business of providing web searchers with solutions and answers of the best available quality. 

Use ongoing content production to deliver value

Whether you’re currently focusing on SEO vs SEM or leveraging a balanced mix of the two, it’s crucial to understand that Google favors frequently updated websites with plenty of relevant, high-quality content.

One of the most effective ways Mailing Data Pro to deliver this is to add a blog to your website, set a fixed content production schedule, and post new material accordingly. 

Aim to provide tangible value throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Your top-of-funnel leads will have just started looking for solutions to a particular issue. They need background information, informative content, and helpful resources like buying guides. 


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