In Barcelona, ​​only 26% of the workplaces in the ICT sector are occupied by women. In Spain, only 6% of managers in the ICT and Content sector are women. To reverse these figures, Barcelona City Council and the technology school have promoted the Gender Equality Tech Hub , which aims to achieve inclusive and diverse organizations with a greater representation of women in technical positions. This public-private initiative aims to bring together technology companies in Barcelona committed to gender equality in order to promote and develop concrete measures to reduce the gender gap in the sector.

In this sense, Cyberclick

Has not hesitated to join the cause and has defined three lines of action: Incorporation of more female talent in the IT team : Cyberclick is committed to Bulk SMS Hong Kong incorporating two more women into the IT back-end team in order to achieve 50% female representation. This action would also be accompanied by a small dissemination campaign, with an audiovisual piece as the central axis that will include the testimonials of the four women who will be part of the technical team. Support and guidance on training options for women who want to reorient their career towards technical professions: writing and dissemination of a report on Bootcamp-type training options or similar that compiles the offer of different schools in Barcelona, ​​with an analysis of their characteristics and advantages .

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Social awareness from schools

At an early age: the women of the Cyberclick IT team will give a talk to the fifth and sixth grades of a school in Barcelona with the aim of sharing their professional experience and encouraging the little ones to training in science, mathematics, engineering or Mailing Data Pro technology. In fact, the OECD predicts that by 2030, 80% of jobs will be in the STEM field. For their part, the rest of the companies that make up the initiative, BETWEEN Technology, iterem, Pixel Research Lab, Allianz Technology, Thoughtworks, Talhis, Citibeats, Vitaance.

PepsiCo, Innovamat, Basetis, wefox, Witte y Solá, Unblur, Veepee, Haufe , Vista, Nestle IT HUB, Databot, Qualifyze, GreenPowerMonitor, Profes en Apuros, eDiversa Group, Autodesk, Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation, VOXEL, ProtoPixel, Nae, DMI, ServiZurich – Technology Delivery Center and Seqera have also presented their roadmap for this year. CYBERCLICK Cyberclick – Online Marketing and Digital Advertising.

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