The expression Moonshot Thinking has its origins in a speech by John F. Kennedy in which he challenged an entire nation to reach a goal. That seemed impossible, reaching the moon in less than 10 years. This took place in 1962 and, indeed, a few years later Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. In the world of marketing. This expression has a very similar meaning, since it consists of setting an objective or a goal that, although it seems unattainable, will serve as a path to success.

What is Moonshot Thinking

In fact, even if this goal is not achieved, surely Bulk SMS China the company will have gone much. Further in this way than by setting much more modest objectives. That is, it is about not feeling intimidated. Afraid of objectives or goals that may seem very distant or unattainable. Since it is a way to grow and achieve success. In addition. This concept is usually related to the most advanced technologies and creativity, so the objective is usually to go where no one has gone before and offer solutions or respond to needs that no one has been able to cover before.

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How did Moonshot Thinking come about

Moonshot Thinking is difficult to apply in some companies or within a context in which mistakes have a cost, both economically and psychologically. However, when Mailing Data Pro an ambitious goal is set, it must be accompanied by a plan that leads to it. In other words, you cannot go towards an objective without assessing what can be lost, as well as its viability taking into account the resources of the company. How did Moonshot Thinking come about? As we have already commented, President John F. Kennedy in a 1962 speech pronounced the following words.

Which would translate as “We chose to go to the moon in this decade and also face the other challenges, not because they are easy goals. But because they are difficult.” President John F.  It was at that moment that his speech became a kind of philosophy and also an attitude towards life. Currently, many companies apply it and propose projects using and based on cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions that can improve the world and people’s quality of life. Many of these goals are very ambitious, but they are the path to success and change.

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